Lewis Cook III
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Lewis was an absolute class act  / Donnie Plunkett (Friend)  Read >>
Lewis was an absolute class act  / Donnie Plunkett (Friend)

Jeff Ojibway introduced Michelle & I to Lewis and we immediately liked him.  Just a really nice guy who genuinely was interested in whatever you were doing.  I would look for him at parties and social gatherings because he loved to talk real estate and had lots of stories he picked up from his dad and his own experiences.  Lewis had tons of friends; he was this one California guy that all these Texans just adopted as their own.  He had his whole life in front of him.  Such a sad ending.  Michelle & I will miss you.

Lewis / Emily E. Smith   Read >>
Lewis / Emily E. Smith
Lewis was a person of integrity and brilliance but more importantly he was a person of compassion. His vast collection of friends from various points in life was truly indicative of his contagious charismatic spirit. I always joked that wherever we went he seemed to know someone. It didn’t matter if we were jogging around Town Lake or visiting the hill country of Bastrop TX—he was bound to run into someone he knew. Lewis obviously knew many people but to Lewis people weren’t just acquaintances. They were friends that he genuinely cared about. He knew their passions and their dreams; He honored their opinions and carefully considered their influence on himself and society. My own words seem to fall short so I’ll steal William Faulkner’s eloquence on the many universal truths lacking in this world—“love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice.” To put it simply: Lewis embodied all of these forgotten truths. Lewis was and will always be a faultless example of how to live one’s life.

Mr. and Mrs. Cook: You raised an amazing son—the perfect gentleman—who made each person he met feel significant in the grand scheme of time. Please know that he graciously spent his life building relationships and making profound personal connections that will continue to impact this world. Close
Rest in Peace my friend.  / Tom Boone (friend)  Read >>
Rest in Peace my friend.  / Tom Boone (friend)
I met Sweet Lou Cook (as he was introduced to me) through mutual friends and we found out we had a lot of similar interests like swimming and world travel. When he found out I was headed to Australia this past summer Lewis gave me all kinds of tips and encouragement which was invaluable. He was also one of very few friends who was willing to drive up to North Austin to swim Quarry Lake on Austin's hot summer days with me. Speaking of which He was a FAST swimmer! :) and he made me better just from trying to keep up with him. - There won't be another day that I swim the Quarry where I don't think of him. He was a good friend and I'm sure going to miss him. To his family and close friends. My heart goes out to you. Close
Lewis--what a FRIEND!!!  / Kay OJibway (Mother of Jeff--Lewis' friend )  Read >>
Lewis--what a FRIEND!!!  / Kay OJibway (Mother of Jeff--Lewis' friend )

To Lewis' mom dad and sister--

How we are hurting for all of you!  We knew Lewis and loved him--and what a friend he was to a wonderful group of young adults!

from his visits to the lake--always bearing gifts and wanting to help from going out to eat with us and being so supportive of our son (pointing out to his parents his accomplishments) from being at Jill (Jeff's sister)'s wedding--choosing to stay at our house--cuz it was more fun than the bed and breakfast we had for the kids from being so proud of his new house and complimentary of "my mother's decorating" and... from being a "best friend who I will always honor" to our son Jeff.  None of us know why but we know Lewis' made a difference in the world by  being a friend. 

We have you in our every prayer

 Kay and Jim

My friend I shall miss you  / Eddie Merritt (Friend)  Read >>
My friend I shall miss you  / Eddie Merritt (Friend)
Lewis was one of the nicest guys I've ever known. I'm still in shock that this could happen to such a great person. Lewis was such a joy to be around. I will always keep in my memory the days of playing basketball and working out together. I wish I could have known him better. Lewis I know one day I will see you again my friend... Eddie Merritt Close
My Friend, Lewis Cook  / Ryan Klaus (Friend)  Read >>
My Friend, Lewis Cook  / Ryan Klaus (Friend)
When I look back on the few years that I spent in Austin I can't imagine what it would have been like without having Lewis as a friend. The first time I met Lewis he listened intently on my descriptions of my job with a brewery and asked many questions. He asked how many cases we sold in the state then converting the cases to bottles with lightning-quick speed that left my head spinning. But as I got to know Lewis he became one of the people that I enjoyed spending time with for all of the same reasons that everyone else did.

I will always remember Lewis coming over to Jeff's where we watched Monday night football. Lewis loved to re-cap the weekend's fun and then planned what we could do the upcoming weekend. When we went out he always introduced me to people that he knew which made me feel important. After I moved to Houston I always asked Jeff how Lewis was because I was interested in what he was up to. I liked to listen to the stories and imagine the fun he was having. Lewis lived life the way it's meant to be....with caring a positive outlook a thirst for adventure and fun.

I am very thankful to have known Lewis and to say that he was my friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Ryan Klaus
Lewis / Jim Cone (friend)  Read >>
Lewis / Jim Cone (friend)
To the Cook family
Lewis and you all will be in our thoughts and prayers. 

I spent the past two days trying to makes sense of this tragedy and have used it as an opportunity to tell my two boys and our daughter about Lewis.  They intently listened to stories about his accomplishments achievements and character.  They listened to stories about how much fun Lewis had with his friends. 

However the most important traits that I hope are imparted on them is the respect he earned the way he carried himself with class humility and confidence and most importantly the sincerity with which Lewis always spoke.   

Lewis certainly lived everyday to the fullest and he will be remembered as a true friend.

Jim and Kim Cone Close